Any tax issues, legally, you might need help with then go here first! He has quickly become a new and good friend, impeccable character, and usually the smartest guy in the room. Win-Win for anyone contacting them for service. Very happy I was referred here by a co-worker.

Murray Cundall

Highly recommended, took care of my tax issues and very informative. A++++

shawn silver

Ummat Tax Law is your best bet to receive honest and sound advice for all of your tax needs. My personally experience was greatly appreciated, as Mr. Ummat took time out of his busy day to provide me with some guidance for my particular situation that was prudent for future action. It is a relief to know that there are people, who definitely want to look out for your best interests.

Jeffrey Coolich

I would strongly recommend Umma Tax Law, previously I was experiencing difficulty finding a Tax lawyer who I could trust as well as had the experience necessary to handle my needs. Right from the start, Amit’s unique expertise in tax law was very evident and his personal touch made for a positive and refreshing experience.

Demitrios Papadopoulos

My husband and I were aggressively pursued by the CRA because we sold a condo that they thought was a business income. They applied hefty penalties. We called Ummat Tax Law and they listened intently to our concerns and got to work right away. Ultimately in the end the CRA backed off their position and eliminated all penalties. The fees were a small percentage of the huge amount of tax and penalties we would have potentially incurred. We highly recommend Ummat Tax Law for any tax issue you may have. They are professional, efficient and guide you through the entire process.

Aimee Santoro

Great service deserves great words
I contacted Ummat Tax Law, after another Tax Service that is on the radio frequently advertising their (so called superior) services failed to even provide me with an opinion on my case. Many unanswered phones calls and emails later, I left in frustration giving me a very short time frame before my actual Court date.
That’s when I connect with Ummat Tax Law. Within an hour of posting a query on their website, I received a telephone call from an actual Lawyer. We discussed my case in great depth, and he left me with a series of documents that he required to provide a true opinion. He was quite up front indicating that if I had documentation my case could be very strong.
The transmission of documents and ease of putting down a retainer was seamless and very professionally handled. Instructions were clear and confirmation was almost immediate if not within a very few hours.
After reviewing my file, I was provided not only an opinion but a suggested course of action with various alternatives.
Throughout the process, I was VERY IMPRESSED with the continual and ongoing communication with me providing me with updates on what was going on in the file. I really appreciated that every phone call end with….Do you have any questions? Are you comfortable with our course of action?
Going into this relationship, based on my experience with the previous company I was quite stressed out. After the initial call, I was relieved. Each call thereafter, when I got off phone I had that comfortable feeling, one where I felt that I was being looked after by someone who really cared and took great pride in their work and the results.
I have extensive experience working with Lawyers in the Civil Litigation field. In comparison, I put Ummat Tax Law as probably the best of the best in communication, explanation, planning and truly caring.
Hopefully, I will never be in the position to use a Tax Lawyer again. If I do…I know whom to call.
If you do…..put your mind at ease and connect with Ummat

Keith Lamson

Absolutely phenomenal experience from start to finish. Amit took a very stressful situation of being assessed by CRA an amount of $300,000 and brought that figure down to $400. Unbelievable experience. Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process. I have met with other lawyers and the difference in comparison to service is night and day. I can not begin to explain in words how amazing this experience was and highly recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation or any situation which needs his services. Thank you again.

Aleem Walli

I used to think that honesty, doing your best to be co-operative and transparency was all that was needed to deal with the CRA. Sadly, when you get caught up in the giant turning gears the reality is often many of the individuals deciding your fate, only care about closing cases, not evaluating the situation and coming up with a fair ruling.

This is the place I found myself in, and after multiple years of stress, being threatened by the CRA while doing my absolute best to comply with their demands, I finally gave up and retained the services of Ummat Tax Law.

The moment I informed the CRA I was retaining a lawyer, their entire demeanor changed, suddenly instead of threatening me at every step, they wanted to be as helpful as possible. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, and almost immediate confirmation that I had made the right decision.

I worked with Amit and from day one, he presented the situation as it was without sugar-coating it. He told me what he thought was likely to happen, the strength of our case, but also the unlikely outcomes that I might not like. He also provided a rough estimation as to what each option might look like.

Every time Amit told me he was going to do something, he always followed through with what he said he would do, on the timeline he said he would follow.

Finally, throughout the process, he put my interests ahead of his own, gave me advice on how he thought we should proceed, but ultimately let me decide the next action we would take.

It is sad that the system requires the services of a firm like Ummat Tax Law, but I am extremely grateful for Amit’s assistance as he was finally able to finally force the CRA to take a fair look at my situation and judge things reasonably. Something that I had been unable to do myself, despite trying for literally years.

David Saraiva